Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boynton Beach (Horse Shoe Reef)

5/5/07 - 2 tank dive onto Horse Shoe Reef (Max Depth 60') - w/Splashdown Divers

Afternoon Dive - Visibility pretty poor (20'). Strong currents but at least the swells were less then 2 feet. Seen more wildlife on the 2nd dive. Seen a 4' loggerhead turtle that wedged himself into the rocks trying to scrape barnacles off his back. Divemaster later said that they do this sometimes to sleep for up to 2 hours at a time without getting swept off from the currents or having to come up for air. Shortly after this I seen a pretty decent sized (??) sting ray. He swam up along side the side of the reef and then over top and out of site. Didn't bother with pictures because of the poor visibility. Lynn (Captain/Owner) and divemaster on the boat were very hospitable. Nice wide boat with a center railing down the middle that you can hold onto while walking to the back of the boat before jumping in. Convenient hot shower in the aft along with plenty of drinks and snacks.

[Tornado Warning, Lightening & High Windws (70-80mph) kicked up the seas the next day to 15+ foot swells. This kept me from diving until 5/11/07]